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We Went To The Washington State Grappling Championships... Did OK

August 17, 2013 at 10:36 AM

On August 10th Island Top Team's head instructor Professor Robert led a ragtag group of misfits across the border on a mission to purloin some precious metals and eat lots of Jack In The Box. They were successful on both counts. 8 gold, 4 silver, 2 fancy crystal team trophies, and a dozen Sourdough Jacks and Waffle Big Stacks later, here is a rundown, complete with videos, of the whole glorious affair.

The morning began with the no gi category, and right off the bat, we knew whatever the results, we would be the sharpest looking team on deck, as we were the only ones all sporting matching shorts and rashguards, complete with the Island Top Team logo, generously provided by Reign Full Contact Fightwear:



Our Professor was the first to compete, and he set the tone for the day, winning the men's expert middleweight division with a couple of submission victories so swift that he earned gold literally without breaking a sweat. Here's the final match:

Eli, representing Island Top Team in grappling competition for the first time, took the no sweating mantra and ran with it, picking up gold in his no gi intermediate division with a couple of quick subs of his own. Eli went on to take silver in the gi, though we disputed the result of the gold medal match to no avail, as the ref awarded an advantage point to Eli's opponent that should've gone to him, which decided the contest. Here's his final no gi match:

Umesh picked up gold in his nogi intermediate division, and silver in his gi blue belt division, which is quite impressive considering he is a 3 stripe white belt at our club. We entered him in the blue belt division to give him a challenge after he cleaned up at a few local tournaments, winning a couple of gold medals and finishing all but one of his matches by submission. Umesh dominated a couple of matches, and lost a very close match to the gold medal winner who was, let's say hesitant, to engage after scoring. 

Taylor took silver in no gi and gi, but the match that won him silver in the gi division was definitely the highlight of the tournament, Taylor rocks several signature Island Top Team techniques, including the move that earns you a round of applause if you hit it in class, and $50 bonus if you hit it in competition, the rolling back take:

Shane did what Shane does, collect gold medals without allowing a single point scored against him. No gi advanced superheavyweight, absolute, gi blue belt superheavyweight, and absolute. In this tournament Shane decided he would pull guard instead of playing from top for a change. Here's some of his fine work, with some bonus footage of Taylor pulling off another last minute comeback win:

And to bookend our tale, our head instructor displayed more of Island Top Team's unique style of BJJ in winning his gi black belt division. Though there was plenty of sweat involved this time around, applying the core concepts he teaches in class every day, such as emphasis on posture, structure and base, avoiding over-reliance on grips, and focusing on movement and transition instead of techniques, earned Professor Rob another gold with all his matches coming by submission. Here's one of his gi matches:

A final note, Island Top Team had the smallest contingent of competitors at the tournament, but placed 3rd in the team standings in both gi and no gi. We were the only team in attendance to place in the top 3 in both categories, a testament to the efficacy of our head instructor's teaching philosophy that Jiu-Jitsu is Jiu-Jitsu, no matter what you are wearing, as long as you work from a set of principles instead of techniques. Come and discover the difference our revolutionary instruction can make in your grappling game, visit Island Top Team today!


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