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Visit Island Top Team, Win Gold!

May 11, 2013 at 8:34 AM

John wins gold!

In November of last year, while in Toronto teaching a seminar, Professor Robert awarded John his purple belt (you may have read about it here!). In February, John visited us here in beautiful BC for a few weeks to train, leaving with a veritable video vault of Island Top Team's signature modules, including guard passing, side mount, mount, and back attacks, to take home and perfect as part of his journey towards brown belt. Today, John, representing our affiliate school Ontario Top Team, won gold at the Ontario Open International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship!

In his gold medal-winning match, John employed everything he had learned, using a knee-cut pass into side control, applying ITT's signature cross-face pressure (which had his opponent thanking John for the complimentary chiropractic adjustment after the match!), and mounting before taking the back to finish with a rear lapel choke.

The Finish!

Massive congratulations to John, everyone here at Island Top Team is immensely proud of you, no one more so than our Professor! Thanks to John's sparring partners at Evolution MAFA and Pura BJJ for their suffering as John honed his edge on them. And huge thanks (as well as congratulations!) to Ontario Top Team's head coach Samir Seif for all his work and dedication to get John prepared for this competition.

John & Samir at Ontario Open

One last note, for all his aplomb as a competitor, John is an even better friend and training partner, and we eagerly await his next visit so we can heap our praise on him in person. Way to go dude!

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