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Train With Island Top Team, Get Free Trip To California Pt. 3

June 13, 2013 at 9:39 PM

Our final competitor at the 2013 BJJ World Championships was Shane, who all of us at ITT already suspected to be a world class talent, we were just waiting for some proof. Here's some proof:

Shane dominates his opponent, finishing with a rear naked choke, as we are used to seeing him do. But he walks off the mats exhausted. As previously mentioned, we did not have access to our new training room in the runup to the Worlds and so were unable to simulate matches and do takedowns due to space and safety considerations, so after spending a few minutes of his first match in judo mode, our big man is wiped. Despite this, he comes out and obliterates his next opponent 23-0. In his quarterfinal match, Shane is so tired he's dizzy, and he still manages to pass his opponent's guard and get to his back, but due to some crafty, tournament-savvy jiu-jitsu, his opponent manages to prevent Shane from sinking his hooks so no points are awarded. Eventually Shane gives up a sweep and gets mounted, and though he escapes, and manages to earn a sweep of his own, he loses on points. 

Quarterfinal appearances by both Shane and Umesh despite the limitations placed on our preparation are indications of the quality of our program and of our students, and once again, everyone at Island Top Team is extremely proud of our boys, they truly are world class!

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