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Train With Island Top Team, Get Free Trip To California Pt. 2

June 11, 2013 at 3:49 PM

We're number 4!

After Umesh's matches, Gary was up, and here's where the inability to properly prepare really cost us. Gary Should've been in the weight class below Umesh, but had to sign up for the one above, because there was not enough time to properly cut weight, and we didn't want our teammates competing against one another. Going up against dudes 2 weight classes up after just over 6 months of training is not a recipe for success, and alas, Gary lost in his first match, which is a shame, because he was unable to show the incredible skills he has developed in class, hanging with some of the blue belts that have visited us from out of town, and providing excellent training for Umesh. In fact, a large part of Umesh's success at the worlds was due to having Gary as a frequent training partner in class, so he can claim his fair share because we win or lose as a team.

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