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There are generally two kinds of rules out there. Rules that make sense based on empirical reality, and rules foisted on us to protect idiots. The problem with everyone having to obey rules designed for idiots is that it creates idiots out of otherwise potentially competent individuals. This is part of a process known as infantilization, and in jiu-jitsu training it is often found on display when instructors make certain proclamations about never doing something that is in fact perfectly acceptable, under the guise of sparing a beginner some unnecessary cogitation. On a grand scale we have seen it displayed by the ibjjf, who are raising a generation of grapplers that are incompetent when faced with certain leg entanglements and submissions. This is not the time or place for addressing the ibjjf rule set however, because we promised you an explanation of why the "never cross your ankles from back control" bromide is so silly, so here ya go: