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Metamoris Recap

June 09, 2013 at 11:22 PM

Metamoris @ ITT 1

The Metamoris Pro BJJ invitational was held sunday afternoon, and Island Top Team's head instructor brought his TV into our brand new training room so a bunch of our teammates could enjoy it together. Alas, the majority of the matches, though technical, were not nail-bitingly exciting, and Brendan Schaub can go suck a bag of... anywho, rather than recap the ppv matches, we thought we'd go over the results of the rolls that went down in between.

First, in nogi, or, more accurately, in golf shorts and t-shirts, Brad and Jamie had a spirited roll that ended with a heel hook from 50/50 guard.

Metamoris @ ITT 2


Then, in the gi, Dwayne, Gary, Umesh, Jamie, and Paul, exchanged a smorgasbord of kimuras, armbars, and rear naked chokes.

Metamoris @ ITT 3

Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch, roll, and add to the incredible atmosphere and camaraderie that makes Island Top Team not only the best place in Nanaimo to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but a pretty awesome place to chill with great friends on a sunday afternoon as well. 

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