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Island Top Team Turns 1

October 01, 2013 at 4:25 PM

Paper, apparently, is the theme for first anniversaries, but we're gonna go with numbers instead. Island Top Team opened our doors 12 months ago and we've put up some crazy numbers since then.

65- The number of students who have signed up for training.

36- The number of medals we've won in BJJ competition. 21 gold, 10 silver, 5 bronze (3 of those coming in absolute divisions).

2- The number of team trophies won by ITT at the 2013 Washington State Grappling Championships, we were the only team to win trophies in both gi and no gi categories, despite having by far the smallest team at the tournament.

41- The number of submissions secured by our competition team (out of 85 victories) in the 10 tournaments our students participated in this year.

6000- The number of kms our head instructor has driven while transporting our competition team to tournaments.

16600- The number of kms Professor Robert has traveled to teach seminars across the country.

13200- The number of kms BJJ practitioners from across North America have traveled specifically to train with Island Top Team through our visiting student program.

3- The number of months we were forced to institute a waiting list while our new training space was being prepared.

4- The number of seminars Professor Robert taught this year.

3- The number of seminar invitations our head instructor received after his visit to Pacific Top Team last week.

17- The number of visitors to Nanaimo who have trained at Island Top Team free of charge during their visit.

5- The number of belt promotions Professor Robert has awarded, 3 blue belts here, a brown and purple belt at our affiliate club, Ontario Top Team.

10- The number of times our students have competed against higher ranked BJJ practitioners, coming away with seven wins (our only blue belt to compete is 3-0 against purple belts).

1- The number of students that have been kicked off the team for repeatedly and vigorously breaking one of the rules on the ITT etiquette list (#5: don't be a douchebag).

4- The number of students at our inaugural class:


26- The number of students at our 1st anniversary class (one guy was late and missed the photo).

1st Anniversary class

16- The number of instances of media coverage of Island Top Team, 11 newspaper articles, 3 tv stories, 2 radio mentions.

5- The number of classes per week offered in our first month.

19- The number of classes per week offered in our 12th month.

1- The number Island Top Team ranks on any list of places to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu if you live in central Vancouver Island.

Thanks for an epic first year Nanaimo, looking forward to many more.

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