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Island Top Team Tournament Recap

February 17, 2013 at 7:20 PM

We'll take our 3 competitors in order, starting with Jamie's nogi gold medal performance. 

Jamie displayed excellent recovery from a sweep and after sweeping into mount applied the top control concepts we covered in our January mount module, as well as the finishing skills he acquired in the December back control module. In his silver medal gi performance Jamie was denied a gold by a tenacious opponent who survived a deep triangle/armbar sequence and benefited from some strange restart rules that negated what should've been a clear points victory.

Brad faced the prospect of not being able to compete due to the lack of opponents in his weight and experience category, and chose to bravely step way up in the experience department, facing blue and purple belt competitors.

But for one or two minor errors and adjustments, Brad would've been victorious, as he found himself ahead on points for the majority of his matches, displaying phenomenal takedowns, guard passing, grip fighting, and aggression. Island Top Team's cheering section was besides themselves as Brad was less than a minute away from victory against a good purple belt, and doing similarly well against a very slick blue belt before lack of experience caught up with him, and our team could not be more proud of his inspired performance!

Shane also found himself on the wrong side of the experience gap in his final match. After submitting his first opponent with a beautiful takedown to back control to rear naked choke sequence, Shane, awarded his blue belt a few weeks ago, faced a long time purple belt and seasoned competitor in the finals of the heavyweight gi category.

In case you can't tell, our head instructor was quite nervous for Shane, but his apprehensiveness was utterly unwarrranted, with the Island Top Team heavyweight competitor turning in a grappling clinic, displaying coachability and composure that was the talk of our club this past week.

Once again, congratulations to our boys, as well as all the other participants, and the coaches that supported them. 

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