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September 09, 2013 at 10:49 PM

Island Top Team's head instructor had some goals when we opened our doors less than a year ago, among them was one that our standard of skill be world class, and another was that eventually our academy would become a destination to anyone seeking elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training not just for Nanaimo, or the central Vancouver Island area, but all of North America. Both are being realized sooner than we anticipated. If you've followed our competition team's exploits, you already know our students possess world class skills, but did you know that Island Top Team has quickly become a destination of choice for BJJ practitioners across the continent seeking a deeper understanding of jiu-jitsu?

So far this year, 3 individuals have journeyed a combined 5000 miles specifically to experience the unique training methodology our head instructor has devised. You may ask why people who can avail themselves of legit black belt instruction in their own cities would travel to a small town to learn BJJ from a relatively anonymous black belt. One reason is that they see something unique in the system he has created from his analysis of the best BJJ competitors, the cutting edge in pedagogy and human performance, combined with his determination that, above all, the journey of learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu should be a fun, positive experience that brings out the very best in people. Another reason is that they know no world class instructor will be as generous with knowledge and attention as Professor Robert. But the main reason is probably that they know if they go to train at one of the world's famous BJJ meccas the head instructor won't pick them up at the airport or let them stay at his place.

Professor Rob w/ John, visiting student from Toronto

This is John, the first beneficiary of our visiting student program. John visited us in February, stayed with Professor Robert, trained for 2 weeks, and left with hours of video instruction to study and expand his game upon his return to Toronto. Shortly after training with us, he won his purple belt division at the Ontario BJJ Championships. His cost? The flight to Nanaimo.

Professor Rob w/ Umesh, visiting student

This is Umesh. He stayed with Professor Robert for the summer, which saw him travel to California where he made the quarterfinals at the World BJJ Championships, as well as Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, where he picked up a few medals (mostly gold), in addition to completely revolutionizing his game while earning only the 3rd blue belt ever awarded by Island Top Team's head instructor. Upon witnessing Umesh's progress, one of his instructors in Ontario remarked that in 3 months his skills had leapt ahead by 3 years! His cost? A flight to Nanaimo, an ITT membership, and if we're being honest, he had to do some laundry.

Professor Rob w/ Troy, visiting student from Seattle

This is Troy. He experienced Island Top Team BJJ when he faced Shane at the Washington State Grappling Championships in August. This spurred him to check out our website and youtube videos, which led him to inquire about a visit. Before he even arrived, our Professor's instruction enhanced his game when a technique he picked up from our "BJJ Core Concepts Pt 7- Grips Are... Overrated" video worked on a high level black belt he was rolling with. Troy spent 4 days training with us last week, staying with Professor Robert, and completely revamping his understanding of BJJ. His cost? The ferry ride to the island.. also he had to pick up 5 Waffle Big Stack breakfast sandwiches from Jack In The Box for our head instructor.

Why would our instructor host friends and strangers alike, charging short term visitors nothing for training? Simple. Everything Professor Robert has been able to achieve in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is due to the generosity of others. First and foremost the family that supported him through his travels, friends across the world who provided him with places to stay while he sought out the best BJJ tutelage he could find, as well as teachers and training partners who shared their knowledge, often without requiring remuneration. That sort of kindness can likely never be paid back, but it can be paid forward. As such, it is Island Top Team's mission to share the very best of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the world. If you live in Nanaimo, please come join us, we offer the best deal you will find anywhere on the island for this kind of training. If you live anywhere else, and you're looking for a way to take a quantum leap in your BJJ game, get in touch, our head instructor acquired a place with a guest room specifically for this purpose. Just know that 2 more guest students are on their way this fall, and all 3 of the gentlemen you were just introduced to are planning their return as well, so give us some notice, otherwise there may not be room at the Island Top Team Inn!

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