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Integrity Ain't What It Used To Be... Or Is It?

January 18, 2013 at 4:55 PM

There have been some dreadful crimes committed by members of a certain notorious MMA/BJJ camp in the United States recently. Ryan Hall has written an open letter to the martial arts community addressing this deplorable situation and we here at Island Top Team would like to help spread the word about this letter. The letter can be found here:

It addresses the potential for negative behavior by martial artists, be they students or instructors, school owners or professional fighters, and draws on Ryan's personal insight gained from dealing with the camp in question earlier in his career. It is hugely important that anyone considering embarking on the journey of martial arts training understand the pitfalls that occasionally come with it, and for someone on that journey already, to recognize if they have fallen into a pit. The abuse of power demonstrated by some martial arts instructors, though nowhere near as heinous as the crimes that spurred Ryan Hall's letter, are an affront to human dignity nonetheless, and are more widespread than some of us involved in this business would care to admit.

Beware anyone who seeks power over you, or is too eager to demonstrate that power. The only noble application of power is the use of it to protect the vulnerable, and the sharing of it, not only to uplift those around you, but to prevent too much of it from being amassed in one place.

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