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Heel Hooks Galore!

January 10, 2013 at 11:46 AM

You may be familiar with Professor Robert's recent jaunt to Toronto to conduct a pair of seminars, and if you're not, shame on you for not reading the Island Top Team blog regularly enough! In any case, as promised earlier in these pages, the entire heel hook seminar is now available, in handy playlist form, on our youtube channel, which can be found right here. Prepare yourself for a new understanding of the heel hook as not simply a submission, but a position that can be controlled and recovered, not to mention entries that had participants of the seminar literally oohing and ahhing with stupefaction! Leg locks are an important part of any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practioner, grappler, or MMA fighter arsenal, and the heel hook is the ne plus ultra of leg locks. If you live anywhere near Nanaimo, and martial arts are your thing, come join us at Island Top Team, train with the only BJJ black belt in the central Vancouver Island area, and begin your journey to becoming a complete martial artist. Or just watch this playlist to get awesome at heel hooks*.


*Disclaimer: You cannot get awesome at heel hooks from just watching this playlist, perhaps quasi-awesome at best, to get fully awesome you will have to train with us!









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