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Gold Rush

March 31, 2013 at 11:47 AM

ITT @ Be First Championships

Island Top Team sent another small but awesome crew of competitors to Victoria for the Be First Championships yesterday, bringing back a haul of medals (3 gold and a silver that should've been a gold) and some excellent tournament experience at the biggest martial arts tournament on Vancouver Island. First up, Ethan took silver in the kids novice gi division, though the gold medal winner had many years of training and clearly didn't belong in the division. Ethan managed to prevail in close matches against the remaining two division-appropriate competitors, so we're gonna go ahead and treat his performance as a gold medal-worthy one.  Gary took gold in his novice gi division before running into another unfortunate massive experience differential in the nogi division, but performed remarkably well, especially considering this was his first ever competitive athletic endeavour!

Shane won double gold, taking the men's advanced absolute gi and his nogi division, submitting or dominating all his opponents without having a single point scored against him in any of his matches. Congratulations to our guys, and to the other competitors and coaches. Also, big thanks to Dwayne for his role as Island Top Team's executive director of transportation and audiovisual logistics, and to Keri Scarr and the team at Crusher Combat Sports for all the hard work necessary to put on such a big event. And finally a shout out to ZUMA and their head coach Adam Zugec for their genuine and welcoming presence and for their work spreading legit high level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu throughout the island.

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